• ALIGN with your VISION to make an impact in the world

• BELIEVE in your POWER to transform lives

• CREATE from your ZONE of PURPOSE

...AND be part of a COMMUNITY of supportive visionary entrepreneurs who are on a mission to make an impact in the world...with access to resources and tools to gain the skills required to grow your soul-centered business.


WHAT makes Create & Thrive Academy different than other programs?

Unlike most memberships, where there's content but no community, and the 'leader' shows up (maybe) on Facebook Live and talks at you, CTA is 12 months of ongoing live support that also provides the 3 C's of every well-rounded program:

COACHING: Twice a month you'll bring your wins and your challenges to The Goddess Way Inner Circle, an intimate group experience where you get hot seat coaching and trainings on topics that are relevant to today's online landscape ... offers, marketing, visibility, pricing, list building, messaging, sales and, of course, mindset.

COMMUNITY: Build connections and soul-based partnerships with the members of the Inner Circle, visionaries who cheer you on and celebrate your success. 

CONTENT: Receive access to COURSES and Resources that provide the systems, skills and structure to build the foundation of a 6-figure online business.


WHY Join Create & Thrive Academy NOW?

We are in a CREATIVE revolution and there's a different mindset in 2021. Consumers want meaningful results and relationships and C&T Academy is focused on helping YOU position yourself to STAND OUT as the one who can deliver results to your clients!

You'll learn RELEVANT skills and strategies that you need more than ever...

There's no room for mediocrity. Establish the credibility that comes with practice and staying current with what's happening in today's business landscape.

The mission of Create & Thrive Academy is to support you to BE all that you need to be - not only for yourself but for your clients as well. Combined with The Goddess Way Inner Circle, it's a well-balanced mix of mindset, strategy and support. 

This is not some 1,000-member group led by a 'guru' who has lost touch with what it's like to be where you are in your business. You'll be part of an intimate group of like-minded, like-hearted visionaries who understand you and see you for who you are!

And the added benefit is that we do business The Goddess Way - our 2 highest guiding principles are simplicity and alignment....along with wealth, creativity, and connection!

Are you ready to Unleash Your Inner Goddess
to Play Full Out & Fully Expressed? 



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Let's get listin'

  • The Goddess Way Inner Circle - This is what sets C&T Academy apart from other programs! It's a 12-month, ongoing LIVE mastermind-type group program where we meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month for training and hot seat coaching. It's intimate so everyone gets to know you, and you get customized support without the high price tag!  - Value $997
  • Create & Launch Your 6-figure Signature System - This 5-module deep dive course shows you everything you need to package up your gifts, talents and purpose in ONE group program that you can repurpose for multiple streams of income at every level of access (BONUS: attend our next cohort of the live group program in late 2021/early 2022)  Value $997
  • Design & Deliver Your Pilot Program and Turn It Into a Digital Product - This 4-module course shows you how to fill your pilot program and 'get paid to create' your course as you deliver it - even if you don't have a list or a large community. With an easy-to-follow blueprint on the tech and tactics you'll need   - Value $297
  • The List-Builders Freedom Funnel Flow The money is in the list! This 5-module course shows you how to create a lead magnet, set up the tech, design high-converting opt-in pages and grow your list of subscribers who turn into buyers - Value $997 
  • The Sizzle System of Personal Branding - Everything you need to brand your business from the inside out in 6 modules. Includes 8 recorded group trainings and 30+ worksheets, templates, and guides to show you how to craft a signature talk, a social media presence, a client-attracting visual identity and so much more! - Value $497
  • Weekend Launch Planner - In this step-by-step workbook you'll plot out your launch strategy over the course of a weekend, starting with a warm-up lead magnet, to JV partnerships, to follow-up and beyond! - Value $197
  • Girlfriend, we need to talk about your brand...go from stuck to sensational in 90 days. This step-by-step workbook-style ebook is designed for you to create your brand from the inside out. Value $47 
  • Monetize Your Brilliance w/Craft Your Soul's Calling Story 'Playbook': An easy to follow template to find your purpose and create your soul-connecting story. - Value $297
  • Sales Funnel Planner: This funnel flow blueprint maps out your ideal clients journey where you can add in an offer at every step of the way! - Value $197
(Total value of resources: $4540)



Let's get listin'

  • Human Design 60-minute Coaching Session: Human design is the most accurate methodology to reveal who you are at the soul level, who you are designed to attract, your best strategies for success, your life path and soul's purpose, and how to use your 'energies' and frequency to create success (if you already have had a basic reading, I will focus on more advanced aspects of your design) - Value $297
  • Using Quizzes to Grow Your List: In this 90-minute master class with guest expert, Quiz Queen Jo Ellis, you'll learn how to implement the hottest strategy in list-building -  Value $297
  • Attend my group programs and workshops for the next 12 months at no additional charge - Value $997  
(Total value of Pay In Full Bonuses: $1600. Good through September 15 11:59 EDT.)


PAY ONLY $1997 
for 12 months of support


RECAP! Here's what's included in addition to the limited-time bonuses...

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The Goddess Way Inner Circle

LIVE group mastermind-type sessions 2x a month! This is a LIVE  group 'experience' for VISIONARY coaches, authors, and conscious entrepreneurs. We meet, mastermind style, twice a month for training and hot seat coaching. This is a way for you to get customized support with anything you need in your business.  

VALUE: $997

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Create & Launch Your 6-figure Signature System

Create multiple streams of income around your ONE thing! You'll receive instant access to this 5-module course that teaches you how to create a signature system that you can repurpose for multiple streams of income. You'll get clear on your Secret Sauce and package up your gifts, talents, and purpose in offers that take your clients along their path every step of the way. This is the basis of a 6-figure business  

VALUE: $997

Design & Deliver Your Pilot Program & Turn It Into a Digital Product

Get paid to create! Once you've got your signature system, you'll design a leveraged group program that you can fill right away and start delivering results. This 4-module course shows you how to fill your program and turn it into a digital product as you deliver it! Creating is easy - you'll learn how to SELL, too! 

VALUE: $297

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The List Builders Freedom Funnel Flow

The money is in your list! Create a client-attracting lead magnet, set up the tech, design a high-converting opt-in page and a follow-up sequence that nurtures prospects into buyers...You'll learn best practices to turn on the in-flow of hot subscribers! Includes a 7-part nurture sequence and lead magnet template to create your own PDF lead magnet! 

VALUE: $997

Brand your business from the inside out!

Create a Red Hot Brand! The Sizzle System of Personal Branding is the most comprehensive program around that covers everything you need to know about branding your business, your course, your programs.... You'll get super clear on your niche, your message and stand out so you get seen, get heard and attract clients! With 30+ templates, scripts, worksheets and more. 

VALUE: $497

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Plan Your 6-figure Launch in a weekend!

Everything you need to plan your launch! This step-by-step guide shows you how to plan a successful launch, starting with the 90-day launch runway, to filling your conversion event, to finding partners to promote you, scheduling emails, and more. Whether it's a master class, webinar, or challenge, a launch is a launch is a launch....

VALUE: $197

Monetize Your Brilliance Assessment

You know you're here for a higher purpose. If you lack clarity on what that is or if you're doubting that your business is allowing you to make an impact, this training will help you to shift more into alignment with who you are at the Soul level. Includes a "Craft your Soul's Calling Story' template that you can use in your marketing.  

VALUE: $297

Course Book

Value-packed Course Books & Action Guides

Everything together in one place! Every course comes with templates, scripts, workbooks, worksheets and guides to help you work through the content and get the desired outcome, in addition to recorded lessons. You'll also receive monthly resources from "The Goddess Toolbox" that will help you in every area of business growth.

VALUE: $1997

Girlfriend, we need to talk about your brand...

A step-by-step workbook style brand plan! This is the same version of the book that is available on It's an easy-to-follow step-by-step workbook-style 90-day brand plan that takes you through branding your business "from the inside out," - starting with core values to get clear on what you stand for with visibility strategies that position you as the expert that you are!

VALUE: $47

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Kick Start Your Success!

Let's create your vision together! You'll get a 30-minute 1:1 Align With Your Soul's Calling Intuitive Reading to get you started on your next level of success, whatever that may be. 

VALUE: $197





Create & Launch Your 6-figure Signature System

In this 5-week course you'll design and launch a signature program around your passion and purpose. Comes with a Course Book, Action Guide, and a BONUS Launch Planner to map out your 6-figure launch in a weekend, and a Craft Your Soul's Calling Story Workbook.


“Having gone through several of Carol Ann’s programs, I am impressed with how she role models professional delivery and provides extensive and comprehensive accompanying handouts. In Create & Launch Your 6-figure Signature System, I gained clarity in the steps required to structure my online offers. In her follow-up course, Design and Deliver Your Pilot Program and Turn It Into a Digital Product, she generously shares her insights on how to fill, design and deliver an online program.
I appreciate that her courses are easy to follow in a simple and feminine way – The Goddess Way! ”

Healer & Author, Grace from Grief

Create & Thrive Academy $1,997.00

“Carol Ann...The Goddess Way is the only way for me! Your spectacular coaching and mentorship is far beyond the 'rules' of what all the 'gurus' say it should be done! I have learned so much from you on how to work with more ease and flow and that is the exactly how I want to participate in life today! More ease, peace, flow, and joy! You are the epitome of a Goddess and I adore you!”

Head Goddess, Holistic Soul Coaching

Create & Thrive Academy $1,997.00

“Carol Ann is a great resource and guide if you are starting or already started your coaching business. She can help you bring out the YOU in YOUR business.”

Kundalini Yoga & Relationship Specialist


“Even though her target market is women, I took a 3-month course with Carol Ann on building a personal brand and there were a lot of things that I never even knew were part of a brand. If you need help, Carol Ann is a great one to learn from.”

Owner, John Hardy Business Services

The Goddess Way to 6 Figures Mastermind $6,000.00

“Feeling very blessed to be one of Carol Ann’s mastermind clients. I have her support as I step up my game and offer my gifts to support other women entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.”

Sales Coach & Mindset Breakthrough Specialist

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. You may even be eligible for PayPal Credit Interest Free for 6 months.

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One Year of Support at an Investment That Will Pay You Back!

Only $1997

Or 12 payments of $197. 


Frequently Asked Questions...

Please email if you have any other questions.

Create & Thrive Academy is for you is you need ongoing general support in your business. If you're looking to be part of a tight-knit community of fabulous 'goddesses' and 'adonises' who understand and support one another, The Goddess Way Inner Circle provides that. If you're looking for resources to learn new skills, and provide structure and systems, we've got that too. This is not another group where we pick a strategy and focus on only that one thing; it's general well-rounded support where you can bring what you need to the sessions. Everyone lends their own style and creative genius so it's an eclectic mix of spiritually focused coaches, healers, authors, speakers, and experts in any area! 

This is a 12-month commitment. Although there is a payment plan, it is not a typical membership program where you get content and no support and can leave at any time. Create & Thrive Academy includes The Goddess Way Inner Circle, and the intent is to forge relationships in a safe and sacred space, with members who are invested in one another's success. 

You receive a 1:1 call with Carol Ann to lay out your intentions and goals for the 12 months. This helps her know what content to deliver that will serve you best. If you want more support you may always upgrade to The Goddess Way to 6 Figures Mastermind or Mentorship. 

It's hard to say what will be added over the course of a year. Create & Thrive Academy is an entry level program designed to help you build a strong foundation for your business. While there will be resources added, there may be additional costs involved for other workshops and live programs, unless you upgrade to the Mastermind or Mentorship level. What you receive as bonuses at the time of purchase and the courses and programs listed are what you have access to unless stated otherwise. 

All sessions of The Goddess Way Inner Circle are recorded and available in The Goddess Way Facebook group or the members area. If you qualify for any live programs as bonuses, the recordings may be made available. The courses you receive are well worth the investment even without the live component, and you can always reach out for support. If you have a specific question that you'd like addressed on one of our live calls but know you cannot attend, you can submit it ahead of time.  

The Goddess Way to 6 Figures Mastermind is for the experienced entrepreneur who is ready to get serious about generating consistent 6 figures and beyond. The Goddess Way Mentorship is for those who need additional 1:1 support, whether you're just starting out or are at a more advanced level and desire more hand-holding and specific support. Create & Thrive Academy is geared toward entrepreneurs who are in the build and grow stages of business or those who just want another level of support and enjoy the sisterhood of The Inner Circle. It's more about general business strategy and mindset to build a solid foundation. C&T Academy is a bonus for the Mastermind and Mentorship clients, so all members come together in The Goddess Way Inner Circle. 

Sorry, but due to the nature of this program, and the value of the courses that you receive once you make a payment, there are no refunds or guarantees. If you cannot make the live meetings the recordings are available to you. If you find that it's not a fit, you may be able to apply your payment to another program. Many members find that they want more, and will 'uplevel' to The Goddess Way to 6 Figures Mastermind or add on 1:1 coaching through the Mentorship. 

Upgrade to The Goddess Way to 6 Figures Mastermind or Mentorship at introductory Founding Member investment. Complete the brief application to find out if it's a better fit.

YES! I'm ready to get on the fast path to 6 figures!